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The Limits of Control

When is a film not a film? Well, arguably, when nothing happens, and when the (unnamed) lead character has approximately ten lines of dialogue in a little under two hours. […]

Addictive TV on the roof of the National Theatre

We review Addictive TV’s appearance on the roof of the National Theatre. It’s edgy, apparently, but only because of the audience.

Addictive TV pick their favourite VJs

Addictive TV give us the straight scoop on the best VJs out there right now. You heard it here first.

VJing – Projections and Reflections

In our unceasing quest to root out different cultures and scenes we use a specially trained bloodhound. As a puppy he was taught to make positive associations with exemplars of art and culture; pedigree chum served from a fauvist inspired bowl, squeaky toys in the shapes of Brancusi’s most influential sculptures. He now roams the collective consciousness searching for all that is new, exciting or evolving. This week, he’s discovered VJing.

Interview with Robin Brunson of Hexstatic

Hexstatic are Stuart Warren Hill and Robin Brunson. We had a chat with Robin about what Hexstatic do, and where their visuals are headed. Both men have a long history in visuals and formed Hexstatic in 1997. They are signed to Ninja Tune, and have a close association with Coldcut. They have performed at many significant art galleries and alongside David Bryne, as well as producing two AV albums of their own work.

Interview with VJ Anyone

VJ Anyone a.k.a. Oli Sorenson performs with many top DJs and is currently touring with Sander Kleinenberg. He also runs the AV Social night in London, which pretty much does what it says on the tin. He has written essays for several books as well as writing for DJ Mag on the subject of VJing.

Interview with Geoff Gamlen of Eclectic Method

Geoff Gamlen is one of three people who make up Eclectic Method. Of our four interviewees Eclectic Method are perhaps most straight forward in terms of characterising themselves as pure entertainment in the form of music and live visuals. They have produced visuals for U2, Fatboy Slim, MTV and Faithless.

Interview with Nicolas Boritch of Cuisine/Anti VJ

Nicolas Boritch is part of ‘visual label’ Anti VJ and club night Cuisine. Anti VJ orchestrates visual events and recently performed at Light Up Bristol, using the city’s council building to project their works onto. The Cuisine club night offers Bristol’s clubbers the opportunity to see Europe’s finest VJs. On both projects he works closely with French artist Crustea (Joanie Lemercier) – who performed at the Light Up Bristol event – pictured left. The thing is… tracked Nicolas down to get the promoter’s perspective on club visuals.