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Sonar or Later

Everyone has been to a festival this year. If you haven’t grappled with a chemical toilet, on acid and with welly boots full of mud, then you’ve wasted your summer. the thing is… reviews two of less mentioned festivals, neither of which involve camping in a puddle or taking out a mortgage to cover the burger bill.

Latitude Festival 2007

“We had two bags of grass, seventy two pellets of mescaline, five sheets of highly powered blotter acid…” not a sentence oft uttered at the very genteel Latitude Festival, according to this review by Richard Allday.

Gastronomically Improbable

Mark Edwards reviews The Fat Duck, an improbably exclusive restaurant owned by Heston Blumenthal. Of course, if you haven’t heard of it by now, you’re probably living in a cave and we’re very surprised you have an internet connection. Somehow we doubt you’ve been there, though. We haven’t…