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The Downloaders Divided: A Generation Lost in Digital Space

Simon Clancy talks about the gulf that’s opened between artist and audience in the era of the iPod, an era where the “whole package” of the album and is dead forever.

Downloading and The Big 4: Majors Screw Up

With Robbie Williams on strike and US CD sales down 19% in 2007 what’s going to happen to the ‘big four’ record labels? Should music lovers begin to worry? Probably not…

The Panacea: '5 tunes you should have heard but probably haven't'

The Panacea, aka Mathew Mootz, styles himself ‘the digital version of Napalm Death’. It’s an apt description for his own brand of mashed up Drum and Bass, which he releases through his record label, Position Chrome. You may be surprised to discover he used to be a choir boy, or perhaps that helps to explain his music…

VJing – Projections and Reflections

In our unceasing quest to root out different cultures and scenes we use a specially trained bloodhound. As a puppy he was taught to make positive associations with exemplars of art and culture; pedigree chum served from a fauvist inspired bowl, squeaky toys in the shapes of Brancusi’s most influential sculptures. He now roams the collective consciousness searching for all that is new, exciting or evolving. This week, he’s discovered VJing.

The Gin Riots

Indie rock n roll with Hogarthian influences storming the streets from Shoreditch to Peckham? Yes please. Jimmy Tidey catches up with The Gin Riots just before their next appearance at MySpace’s unsigned heroes concert. Anyone who’s seen TTI’s languishing MySpace presence knows we don’t think much of the Evil Empire, but The Gin Riots, we like. Lots.

tti… Speaks to Underground Resistance

The legendary Detroit techno label Underground Resistance talks to the thing is… As well as being home to some of the biggest names in techno, UR is committed to the welfare of their home town. They have little truck with the mainstream music establishment and see their output as a unifying voice for the disenfranchised of Detroit.

Darren Hayman: "5 tunes you should have heard but probably haven't"

Darren Hayman of Hefner gives us his “5 tunes you should have heard but probably haven’t”.

Sonar or Later

Everyone has been to a festival this year. If you haven’t grappled with a chemical toilet, on acid and with welly boots full of mud, then you’ve wasted your summer. the thing is… reviews two of less mentioned festivals, neither of which involve camping in a puddle or taking out a mortgage to cover the burger bill.

Latitude Festival 2007

“We had two bags of grass, seventy two pellets of mescaline, five sheets of highly powered blotter acid…” not a sentence oft uttered at the very genteel Latitude Festival, according to this review by Richard Allday.

5 Tunes You Should Have Heard – Max Tundra

Domino Records’ Max Tundra offers us the first sweets in his current box of musical confectionery.