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Sunken Garden at The Barbican

Opera is a game of two halves. Bet that’s the first time you’ve heard that said in an opera review. But in the case of Sunken Garden, the “experimental” opera […]

Review: Onegin at the Royal Opera House

As any fan of Mad Men will tell you, nostalgia literally means ‘the pain of an old wound being re-opened’. So either Kasper Holten, Covent Garden’s new artistic director, is […]

Scott Walker – Bish Bosch

This review will start, as all Scott Walker reviews must, by explaining that Scott is the greatest lyricist, vocalist, conductor, experimenter, influence, and all around genius alive today. This review […]

My long, slow conversion to pop

What’s the point in pop? Well, quite a lot, actually. There’s more to music than being able to sneer at other people’s lack of knowledge or taste. This is the story of one man’s music journey from black and white to colour…

Faster Than Sound Festival

Jimmy Tidey reviews the Faster Than Sound Festival. Where else can you see a miniature mechanical orchestra perform in the darkened recesses of the nation’s cold war infrastructure?

Scroobius Pip

Music Blowout: We report on Tim Exile’s latest tracks and interview hirsute rapper Scroobius Pip

Tim Exile goes pop!

Jimmy Tidey reports… Planet Mu’s ’200+’ celebration of their 200th release, held at Corsica Studios, promised to be significant not only for the numerical milestone it celebrated but also for […]

The Rise of Online Radio

The rise of online radio: feature and interviews with key players in the scene, including Matt Cheetham of Samurai FM and DJ Whistla of SUBFM.

The Futurists

The Futurists contrast rather starkly with the mood of toady, they were optimists about the newly developing technologies of the time and seemed to love the inhuman speed and violence of the modern world. You might call their judgement into doubt because of their unfortunate political tendencies, but they do represent a possibly unappreciated contribution to the beginning of the last century.


Can intelligent dance music exist? Oly Wood discusses the genre’s canny ability to absorb the shock of change and where it might be headed next.