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TTI speaks to Ian Pearson, Futurologist

Set the controls for 2050 and take firm hold of your crystal balls as TTI fast forwards into the future with BT Futurologist Ian Pearson. TTI’s editor swears by the I Ching, but apparently there’s a far more scientific approach…

The Gin Riots

Indie rock n roll with Hogarthian influences storming the streets from Shoreditch to Peckham? Yes please. Jimmy Tidey catches up with The Gin Riots just before their next appearance at MySpace’s unsigned heroes concert. Anyone who’s seen TTI’s languishing MySpace presence knows we don’t think much of the Evil Empire, but The Gin Riots, we like. Lots.

tti… Speaks to Underground Resistance

The legendary Detroit techno label Underground Resistance talks to the thing is… As well as being home to some of the biggest names in techno, UR is committed to the welfare of their home town. They have little truck with the mainstream music establishment and see their output as a unifying voice for the disenfranchised of Detroit.

tti… Speaks to Charles Thomson

the thing is… speaks to Charles Thomson, cofounder of the Stuckist art movement. Although the Stuckists are best known to most people for their protests outside the Turner Prize, Stuckism represents a huge international art movement. There are many Stuckist manifestos, but their basic premise is a rejection of “modern” art, in particular the idea that anything exhibited in a gallery is art. As you might imagine, this means they have a less than cosy relationship with the art establishment.

tti… speaks to Matt Thorne

Matt Thorne has been long listed for the booker prize and has several successful novels on the shelves, including his most recent, Cherry. Richard Allday spoke to him about his writing, what he is working on at the moment and the literary movement that is associated with his name: the New Puritans, a group aimed at bringing simplicity in form and structure back to contemporary writing.

Darren Hayman: "5 tunes you should have heard but probably haven't"

Darren Hayman of Hefner gives us his “5 tunes you should have heard but probably haven’t”.

5 Tunes You Should Have Heard – Max Tundra

Domino Records’ Max Tundra offers us the first sweets in his current box of musical confectionery.

Nothing's Shocking

You know how when your girlfriend goes shopping and you rifle through her knicker drawer and strut about in a pair of her best panties? Well, you’re not alone. Kate Anderson delivers a probing interview with a fetish model.