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Rose Awakens – A short story by Richard Allday

Fear and Lather in a West London Car Wash

According to our Perversion Correspondent, Vermillion Sproul, a novel act of personal degradation is gaining popularity in the carwashes of the capital. By offering him a large amount of money (exactly equivalent to the amount he owes his sister) we persuaded him to investigate in person. We’ve not seen him since, but we found this copy wrapped around a brick in the back of his abandoned car.

Scene From A Typical House Party

TTI wires in with another front-line despatch about booze, drugs, women and music. Well, it’s better than being sent to Basra, isn’t it?

And I Slept Through The Whole Number

MGD Smith delivers a powerfully hallucinogenic short story.


Leave a typewriter lying around and this happens…