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Shelves. A short story about redemption.

Image courtesy of Mugfaker

Soon writers will be the only artists

Delia Derbyshire didn’t use Garageband. Mario Testino doesn’t rely on Instagram. Can you really call yourself an artist if you’re reliant on machines to produce your art? TTI investigates…

Running on empty


A short story by Trivial Blake


Are we free as birds? Graeme McCann investigates in this allegorical short story…


A short story in which two friends fall out. It’s a bit like Salinger writing for Sex and the City. Well, sort of.

Dancing on Quicksand

At the tender age of twenty five, you lay in crisis… you have even made an enemy of your penis – it’s too depressed, too deflated to perform.’ In the latest part of our series of articles on the quarter life crisis, Tom Siggins weighs in with a short story about suddenly waking up and discovering what comes next.


Shakespeare’s Othello — a tale of greed, lust, bitterness and jealousy. But what if the story was told from the perspective of one of the peripheral characters? Bianca is a girl who’s recklessly used and then thrown away, forgotten. This is her monologue. We happen to think it’s one of the most challenging, thought-provoking and inventive pieces of fiction we’ve seen in some time. Take a deep breath, dust down that copy of Othello you have’t touched since A level, and read on…

The Eversame

A day in the life of…? You decide. Michael Powell delivers a short story that’s anything but 9 to 5.

Ketamine Ruined Her Party

LaChute paints an all too familiar picture…


Chemnitz – a short story by Aris Roussinos