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A simple, free-market solution to the banking problem

Banks aren’t popular. In fact, these days, they’re giving estate agents, property developers and other assorted vermin a run for their money. But I’m not talking about the billion pound […]

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Dinner Parties

(Or how I learned to stop worrying and love unpasteurised cheese) I’m guessing you’ve seen the old drawing about the two paths a girl’s life can take –either virtue or […]

Why The Burlesque Show is over

Well, folks, the inevitable has finally happened: the Neo-Burlesque Movement is now fully mainstream.  This initially underground movement started in the early 1990’s with the founding of Dixie Evans’ Miss […]

Student Tuition Fees Protest – What a bunch of wasters

Students. Fucking hate them. Lazy, self-righteous, pot-smoking cunts. I should know. I used to be one. And thanks to the previous government’s outrageous policy of keeping everyone in higher education […]

VAT: Fuck the Taxman

I disagree entirely with the rise in VAT (sales tax to readers abroad) from 17.5% to 20%. It’s just plain stupid. It’s rare you get people from left and right […]

Why David Laws Must Stay

David Laws, now at the Treasury, has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Specifically, paying rent out of his expenses to his gay lover for a room […]

The Apple iPad is the Suckiest Hyped-Up Product in History

So the iPad’s here, is it? Well the iPad can fuck right off. Let’s get the obvious shit out of the way with first. It’s a giant iPhone. It doesn’t […]

Smoke Stacks to Apple Macs – the Kinetica Art Fair

Zizek has summarised Marx as having said that the invention of steam engine has caused more social change than any revolution ever would. Marx himself doesn’t seem to have provided […]

My long, slow conversion to pop

What’s the point in pop? Well, quite a lot, actually. There’s more to music than being able to sneer at other people’s lack of knowledge or taste. This is the story of one man’s music journey from black and white to colour…

Manifesto for the under twenty fives

Are we generation Y or generation Z? Rina B. thinks that anyone who came of age in the last decade is part of generation Zzz…