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Art isn’t dead: A defense of Instagram

There’s been a lot of debate lately about the relationship between art and technology. A lot of people have been saying that recent technological development is having a negative effect […]

Sunken Garden at The Barbican

Opera is a game of two halves. Bet that’s the first time you’ve heard that said in an opera review. But in the case of Sunken Garden, the “experimental” opera […]

The universe is a lonely place

The truth may be out there. But what if no-one else is?

Public art: The price of sponsorship

En Liang Khong thinks Central London’s public art scene needs to face up to the increasing gap between artistic integrity and corporate aspiration.

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Soon writers will be the only artists

Delia Derbyshire didn’t use Garageband. Mario Testino doesn’t rely on Instagram. Can you really call yourself an artist if you’re reliant on machines to produce your art? TTI investigates…

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We all like a drink, but at what price? If the government introduces a minimum price on alcohol, who will really lose out? One drinker shares his opinion over a bottle (or two) of red.

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Is beauty subjective or objective?

Is beauty objective? Can art be reduced to an equation? If it can, could we ever create a computer capable of having good (or bad) taste? So long as beauty remains subjective, it remains in the eye of the beholder.

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Bitcoin – A digital tax rebellion through technology?

For almost three thousand years, money has been minted, controlled, and regulated by the state. If we take money out of the hands of governments and central banks, will it prompt a revolution? Will global capitalism fall, or rise?

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Hollywood’s love affair with Philip K Dick

Was it his prolific, speed-induced output, or the craziness of his ideas? Or was it because at heart Dick was a moralist. Either way, Hollywood loves him. Why?

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TTI’s staff writer Chad offers some forthright opinions about superinjunctions and the ability of the rich and powerful to pervert our justice system. One rule for them, another rule for us?