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Book Review: Straight White Male

Straight White Male by John Niven is a great book, but it’s entertainment, not art.

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Hollywood’s love affair with Philip K Dick

Was it his prolific, speed-induced output, or the craziness of his ideas? Or was it because at heart Dick was a moralist. Either way, Hollywood loves him. Why?

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Imperial Bedrooms – a review.

Imperial Bedrooms – Bret Easton Ellis Everyone’s trying to out-Ellis Ellis. So what does Ellis do? He tries to out-Ells himself. That’s the result of Imperial Bedrooms, a curious novel […]

The Romantics – Fenton On Coleridge at the Bath Literature Festival

Sophie Pollard reports back on James Fenton’s exploration of Coleridge at the Bath Lit Festival

Bath Literature Festival: Edward St Aubyn

Richard Allday reports on booker nominated author Edward St Aubyn’s appearance at the Bath Literature Festival

tti… speaks to Matt Thorne

Matt Thorne has been long listed for the booker prize and has several successful novels on the shelves, including his most recent, Cherry. Richard Allday spoke to him about his writing, what he is working on at the moment and the literary movement that is associated with his name: the New Puritans, a group aimed at bringing simplicity in form and structure back to contemporary writing.

Money + Bordom + Excess = Epiphany – A Formulaic Novel?

Richard Allday considers the literary ramifications of periodic cycles of conspicuous consumption. Figure that one out.