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Modern Art is Hyper-Bollocks?

Modern art is rubbish. Or is it? Richard Allday takes a trip up North to Newcastle’s Baltic Gallery and is pleasantly surprised. Especially when a girl offers him a blowjob…

The London Art Fair – An Outsider’s Perspective

The London Art Fair reviewed from an outsider’s perspective. We hear the cocktails were nice and the eye candy was even better, not to be philistines about it, obviously.

What Price Art?

In the first part of a series on culture’s co-option of street art, Hayley Thatcher opens the debate with her take on the Banksy phenomenon. Cynical cash in or art for the masses? Let us know what you think, and look out for more debate coming soon.

tti… Speaks to Charles Thomson

the thing is… speaks to Charles Thomson, cofounder of the Stuckist art movement. Although the Stuckists are best known to most people for their protests outside the Turner Prize, Stuckism represents a huge international art movement. There are many Stuckist manifestos, but their basic premise is a rejection of “modern” art, in particular the idea that anything exhibited in a gallery is art. As you might imagine, this means they have a less than cosy relationship with the art establishment.