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Art isn’t dead: A defense of Instagram

There’s been a lot of debate lately about the relationship between art and technology. A lot of people have been saying that recent technological development is having a negative effect […]


It’s been a while since this erstwhile journalist wrote anything about art. These days I’m too busy drinking and doing drugs and women. Oh, and my job, of course, which […]

Sunken Garden at The Barbican

Opera is a game of two halves. Bet that’s the first time you’ve heard that said in an opera review. But in the case of Sunken Garden, the “experimental” opera […]

Public art: The price of sponsorship

En Liang Khong thinks Central London’s public art scene needs to face up to the increasing gap between artistic integrity and corporate aspiration.

Image courtesy of Mugfaker

Soon writers will be the only artists

Delia Derbyshire didn’t use Garageband. Mario Testino doesn’t rely on Instagram. Can you really call yourself an artist if you’re reliant on machines to produce your art? TTI investigates…

Image courtesy of Atilla Kefeli

Is beauty subjective or objective?

Is beauty objective? Can art be reduced to an equation? If it can, could we ever create a computer capable of having good (or bad) taste? So long as beauty remains subjective, it remains in the eye of the beholder.

Smoke Stacks to Apple Macs – the Kinetica Art Fair

Zizek has summarised Marx as having said that the invention of steam engine has caused more social change than any revolution ever would. Marx himself doesn’t seem to have provided […]

Lucas Price @ Black Rat Press

In a week that saw Damien Hirst’s career flushed down the toilet for a morbid obsession with skulls and death, Richard Allday visited Lucas Price’s new exhibit — also featuring skulls and death — and was pleasantly surprised.

Turner Prize: Not my cup of tea

Jimmy Tidey tells us why conceptual art is out of ideas. It’s boring — so boring nobody’s even bothered to mention it.

Looping the Loop

Patrick Coyle Interviews Dianne Harris, Director of Kinetica Museum