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A couple of months ago, TTI officially turned nine. That’s a long time in dog years, even longer in blog years. And in that time we’ve had a lot of fun.

TTI began life as a zine-style uni project by a few mates and has, at various times, had a club night, several CD releases featuring some awesome music, and even an ill-fated print edition that never quite got off the ground. Like so many of our other grand ideas that were never realised.

But this site hasn’t been updated since 2013 and many of the recent posts have been more about keeping the blog on life support rather than the remit TTI was set out to cover.

Most of us have moved on, those of us left have little time, some of us even have other more successful blogs elsewhere. The only contact we get on our contact form these days is spam. No we do not want to “buy fake oakeleys (sic)” thank you very much.

And so I log on today to take the contact form down. And I wonder… is this it, the end for this blog?

There’s some fantastic content online that I fully intend on keeping up, from creative writing to interviews with artists like Charles Thomson and authors like Matt Thorne, whose first movie just came out.

But most of it dates back to the halcyon days between 2005 and 2008 when this blog was updated with Ex-lax regularity. Now it’s just lax.

While it’s never been formally announced, this blog has been dormant for some time. Consider this the formal announcement.

I’d like to do something with it again in the future, but I don’t know when that future will be and I can’t do it alone.

So if you’re still reading and want to play a more active part in the running of this blog, contributing articles, or anything else you can think of, drop me a line.

The contact form’s gone, but you can find me on twitter at @alldaycreative or visit my website to get in touch.

Al Allday
Features editor and founding member of…

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