Student Tuition Fees Protest – What a bunch of wasters

Students. Fucking hate them. Lazy, self-righteous, pot-smoking cunts. I should know. I used to be one. And thanks to the previous government’s outrageous policy of keeping everyone in higher education (even if it is pot-smoking studies at the Former Polytechnic of East Armpit) to keep the jobless total down by giving the unemployable something to do for three years, now they’re out on the streets rioting because the rest of us — the taxpayer — don’t feel like funding it.

Now I’m all for a good protest. Stop the war, end global heating, make Cher Lloyd get her tits out. People power can do fantastic things. But ultimately this protest comes down to a bunch of spoilt children fed on years of socialist tripe that’s made them believe they’re entitled to a living and to have other people pay for it. I mean, you don’t see 50,000 people smashing up Labour HQ because we’ve all got to pay higher taxes because they bankrupt the country now, do you?

It’s the shouts of “Tory scum” I can’t stand. Like any of these fucking hippies was even born in the eighties. I mean, it was the Labour government who introduced tuition fees in the 90s, wasn’t it? Where were the shouts of “Leftie scum?” back then. And now Labour’s bankrupt the country and someone’s got to foot the bill for what really is an incredibly expensive education system and students are saying  “well, it shouldn’t be us.”

My question is this: if it’s not the people using the service who should be paying for it, who should? Oh yeah, that’s right. Muggins the taxpayer. Students, give up, go home. The days of student grants are long gone. We grumbled at the time but my generation got lucky in retrospect paying subsidised fees and taking out whopping loans, and we accepted it, because we knew we were getting a good deal. We weren’t entitled to free money. Who is? £6,000 p/a isn’t a bad price to pay for an education. Not a proper one. It might convince a few of you to get proper jobs instead of partying for three years, though. Folks, I fail to see why being forced to pay for a service you’re using this is a bad thing. I don’t ask the government to pay for the petrol in my car. I pay for it myself because it provides a clear benefit to me.

It’s the hypocrisy of the protesters that really fucks me off. I hope they’ll be protesting in force when they’ve all got good jobs and are paying the top rate of income tax. Quite why this narrow sectional interest group thinks it’s okay to smash up a party political HQ and subvert democracy and generally act like children just because we don’t have any money left to subsidise their three year party any more is beyond me.

If you want something, you have to pay for it. We don’t live in a socialist utopia where everything’s free, and this bunch of namby-pamby bed-wetting liberal middle class hippie student scum is about to learn this very important lesson.

At least they’re actually learning something.

Chad Fanstor


  1. ROBERT says:

    You ridiculous, arrogant, ignorant snob. How dare you. Just to pop your bubble – you’re writing is poorly informed, and you hold no rigour in your argument whatsoever; if you want to ‘make’ a point – make one that stands up rather than than some ultra-right-wing narrow-minded ‘opinion’ lifted straight out of the Daily Mail. For the record (whilst not particularly obvious) we DO live in – a kind of – socialist utopia: it’s called the western world, specifically Europe, and particularly England. Democratic in outlook (and ableit capitalist in nature) our – THIS COUNTRY – roots in socialism stem from a time when the concept of the ‘Big Society’ actually meant something.

    Te income tax is ALREADY a measurable ‘fee’ for any student to be paying (if the claims of higher income from higher education are to be accepted). “if you want something you have to pay for it”? Want a good NHS service? Might as well charge for that too.

    What you don’t seem to grasp is that universities create ‘products’ and serve the nation; not just the direct economy and workplace but its standing and status IN THE WORLD in terms of research *that little thing that defines our civilisation and intellectual evolution as human beings). Just like having a social health service, and an armed force (or two or three, or four), and a government, and school teachers, and policemen/women…etc. WE pay for these things collectively because they serve us collectively.

    Perhaps the Uni of East Armpit didn’t educate you properly, or perhaps in your middle class (making an assumption here, as working classes tend to share a more reverent view towards the gift of education), ignorant, ‘the-world-owes-me’ attitude as a ‘customer’ or ‘consumer’, you feel a little shafted by the harsh realities of life and your own struggle to reconcile the pointlessness of your education and life.

    You post your knowledge as if it were a truth. You know nothing.

  2. Chad Fanstor says:

    Got your knickers in a twist have I? Good.

    This country does _not_ have roots in socialism. You want to live in a socialist utopia, fuck off to Cuba. See how you like living on $5 a month. This country’s wealth was built on free trade and industrial endeavour — almost entirely at the hands of a laissez-faire society that let people get on with the business of wealth creation. The reason we’re not some backward little third world nation is because up until the Attlee government we had a relatively minimalist state. Notice how we’ve been in decline as an economic power since then?

    What are you a student of? Political correctness studies at the University of West Bogbrush? Fuck off. Actually, I want you to fuck off so much I’ll say it twice. Fuck off. Twice.

    Do yourself a favour, take a fiver out of your student loan (if you haven’t already spent it on pot) and buy yourself a copy of Atlas Shrugged. The writing’s awful but I’m not sure you’re ready for complex economic ideas like supply and demand yet.

    Yes, it would be lovely if everything was free, but everything has a price, including education. You’re a student, I’m a taxpayer. I’d quite like you to pay for your own education so I can get on with spending my money the way I choose. To me, you’re just a bum begging for change.

    Yes, education benefits society. But we don’t need 50% of our kids going to university as there’s no benefit. Why have half the population laying round smoking pot and doing doss degrees until they’re 21 when they could be out there making the economy more productive?

    If education benefits you personally, you should pay a share in it. I gain little to no marginal benefit from your doss degree. Therefore I see no reason I should pay for it.

    Did I tell you to fuck off yet?


  3. HateLabour says:

    Get over it Robert. I’m so sick of every lefty scumbag protesting that the cuts are going to hurt them the most. The cuts will affect all of us. Having your higher education paid for is not a human right. Why should you be paid EMA to study when the rest of us had to get Saturday jobs?

    Typical Guardian reader rant. Maybe you can ask John Prescott to sell one of his Jags to pay for your studies. He’s another champagne socialist cunt.

  4. Angry Student says:

    How many points do I need to make here?

    I don’t know who you think you are but you aren’t the know-it-all of the world. Firstly, learn how to write properly. Clearly YOUR pot smoking experience of University has warped your ability to think clearly and express yourself in English with good grammar.

    I’m a student, a student from a poor background. I’m a student studying engineering at Durham University. If it wasn’t for things like EMA in 6th form and students loans, which have to be paid back I might add which you seem to have forgotten in your ridiculous rant, I wouldn’t be where I am now. Fair enough, not all students are like me and aim high and go to university to learn and get a better job out of it, but some are.

    By the way, to pay for my 6th form education I had a saturday job along with EMA because I had to pay £45 a week on train fair to travel to college and it included 11 hours days, 5 days a week.

    I’m agreeing that not all who go to university deserve to go, but there are thousands of people just like me who need the help. I took a gap year where I only work to save up money. I didn’t take a trip abroad for 3-6 months, I worked full-time in my local off licence for 15 months. That still wasn’t enough and I am going to have £25,000 debt or so, but I will still have to pay it back and a hell of a lot more on top too.

    Do not generalise all students in the same category you ignorant pig. Don’t just read one article and think you know better. Just keep your trap shut!

  5. Phil Mundy says:

    Yer all a set of cunts

  6. Ian says:

    For fucks sake people, don’t you recognise a parody article when you see it?

  7. J Wayne says:

    This article is quite funny. I’m not sure if you’re trying to make a serious point or not though?
    A decent educational system is essential for any forward-thinking society. We need bright intelligent youngsters to become the businessmen, teachers, doctors etc. of the future. Look at grants and loans as being a small but important long-term investment in society.
    Maybe university was wasted on you Chad? Not every student is a useless stoner.

  8. lux says:

    Having you university education is a human right according to the united nations, yes it is in one of there charters some where, and people all over Canada are using it to cancel their student debts.

    But what is education, having just finished 5 years at uni and and spent two years traveling, and even having worked in politics and business, my strong opinion is that education is not the wonderful and honorable thing we were told to value. It is nothing more then SERF training. They don’t even teach us how to read and write. They teach us how to communicate with our friends but not the real meaning of words for example see the legal definition of person, If you do not know the legal definitions of words you are not really qualified to open a bank account or use money, because you can not possibly understand what you are really doing.

    That 6,000 pounds is payed for by student loan, AKA the bank creates money it does not have and makes the student pay back the loan. [banker bailout anyone]

    Also it was always going to happen 5 years ago they said they would raise the cost when they did. It was even in the Guardian.

  9. lux says:

    Wait what this is not built on free trade, it was built on the army and industry, Just look at the taxes in the empire days or see what they did to you if you bought sugar from the french. Britain has been a high tax nation ever since the 12th century. After the black death there was less peasants and so they were able to charge more for their services, so the ruling class imposed wage caps and high taxes to keep them hungry and controllable.

  10. Yvonne says:

    Hmm, I can’t tell if this is serious or satire.
    If it’s serious, I am truly appalled.