VAT: Fuck the Taxman

I disagree entirely with the rise in VAT (sales tax to readers abroad) from 17.5% to 20%. It’s just plain stupid.

It’s rare you get people from left and right of the spectrum agreeing with each other, but when the likes of Guido and the Taxpayer’s Alliance are lining up with the Trade Unions and Labour MPs to condemn the VAT increase, you’ve got to sit up and take notice.

VAT is a regressive tax. That means it hits the poorest hardest because they spend more money on VAT chargeable items than the rich. A rich guy might not notice the cost of his shopping or his petrol rising by 2.5% overnight. But the poor, and even the middle classes, sure as hell will.

More than that, it’s just plain stupid. The economy is — just — in recovery from the worst recession in living memory. Is slapping an extra 2.5% tax on every product bought and sold in the land really going to aid that recovery?

VAT is the most offensive tax to me. Worse than income tax. Because every time I hand over a banknote to pay for something I’ve bought with my hard earned money, I’ll be thinking of a government agent dressed like a 30’s gangster putting a gun to my head and demanding 1/5th of everything I spend as “protection”. At least the income tax man only comes knocking once every year.

I’m angry about the rise in VAT. I know that Labour’s ridiculous overspending and inability to balance the books led us to this, but the rise in VAT is just plain unfair, regressive, and counter-productive to a recovering economy.

In my mind it’s the first bad move the coalition has made.

Let’s not even get started on capital gains tax. Yeah, it’s a tax on fuckwad property developers, but it’s also a tax on entrepreneurs and small business owners like me, too. The acumen to help the wider economy by growing your own business should not be punished. It’s a tax on aspiration. The government should reward people who want to get rich through hard work, not punish them.

But it’s an interesting point. Who gets clobbered more? Is it the poor, having to pay 2.5% more for pretty much everything, or is it the rich, who have to stump up over a quarter of the fruits of their labour when they come to sell their businesses? Arguably, both taxes are pretty immoral and harmful to the economy. People will buy less, and entrepreneurs will be less motivated.

In short? Whenever tax rises, the economy contracts. Whether that’s because people are buying less or working less hard is irrelevant. The British people are already taxed to the eyeballs. Is there such a thing as a fair tax? It depends on where the money is going. If we must pay tax, how come we get so little say in where it’s being used? People might actually vote for an increase in tax if, say, the money was being spent on better schools. But the majority of government projects are vast, over-managed black holes into which tax money never comes out again.

At least this government had the bottle to institute some cuts. Although as the Libertarian Alliance points out, “overall Government expenditure is set to rise from £637bn to £711bn over the five-year term – a mere £74bn increase (that’s well over 11.5pc).”

There’s a simple solution to cutting tax. Put more of the vast machinery of the state into private hands and make people pay for what they use. Should I, a single, childless man, be made to pay for your schools, or your marital tax breaks? Where’s the fairness in that? Come to think about it, why should someone who hasn’t used the NHS in years still be funding it? The British economy is closer to collapse than it has ever been. Drastic times call for drastic measures.

We can cut tax. We just have to start cutting government, as well.


  1. Sylvia Groves says:

    You know what? I just put “FUCK VAT” into google search becaiuse I felt so annoyed at the whole VAT rip-off, and your page came up. I guess I was looking for someone who felt the same.
    We are being robbed of one fifth of everything we spend. There’s effing tax on everything. Lord’s sakes, we can’t even buy any item any more without being taxed to the hilt. I for one am getting very very nauseated about it.
    Thank you for having a page about this.
    You rock.

  2. IRS Auditer says:

    The best option is to not pay income tax as we hardly audit any returns. The actual figure we audit is 0.01%.

  3. Alan says:

    i put “Fuck VAT” in aswell…..this is completly stupid why do we need it, government mp’s get paid shit loads why cant they put their hand in their pocket and pay some of the U.K’s Debts, i say if we must be taxed on it, take it down to 5-10% not raise it…face it the money we work hard to earn gets ass raped by the government all the damn time, no wonder people grow weed or work for back hand wages its starting to look very good to me, im 21, and this to me is complete bullshit

  4. Vercha says:

    Me too… this is ridiculous… I just put it after I read that I will be working until 68 yrs old and few seconds later that VAT is increasing again..

  5. jimmy says:

    when vat was at 15% i felt as tho things ware getting better,20% now i work longer hours working 6 days aweek to receive little profit i employ 5 people in the motor trade ,we are fucking bernt out working all hours for little, my customers do not pay the extra 5% i do out of my wages, its not just busnesis how feel robbed by this out of touch dick heads running this country how av indervigely tride there best to aviod paying tax even ending up with criminal records , its all of us out there with drive to better ower self witch is inpossible with tax so hi, its taking piss, i mite go on benifits and get my ars wiped

  6. Anna says:

    I find it shocking Roymail increased their prices twice in the last two years. As from 4th April and increase that is shocking so shocking that it is distroying buying online. What makes it worse if your vat registered you have to pay vat on the delivery and on top of that Amazon and ebay make money on the postage also. It’s all greed and I don’t know what the world has come to but it’s like taking money from the poor to give to rich…….being VAT Registered is a RiPOFF