Manifesto for the under twenty fives

For anyone – like myself – who didn’t begin their teenage years until the 90’s had passed, I think we can be considered as a later and very different sub-part to Generation Y. We’re the overlap; the transition, the residue from which Generation Z is beginning to grow from. At best, we’re still the MTV generation – the born digital, fast paced, excessive, money sugar coke fuelled, sex consumed, planet killers. But everyone knows this, even we know this. It’s been said and it’s been heard, but we don’t particularly care.

What we fail to realize is, this isn’t all we have to worry about. This is just the surface of a much deeper disaster. We’ve become a self-diagnosing, self-medicating, self-absorbed mess. To say it most simply: drama drama drama, we are so fucking drama obsessed.

Somehow, being fucked up has been glorified into ‘alluring tragicness’, and the worst of our generation has embraced this idea and made it a lifestyle. Drug addictions, eating disorders, self-harm, depression – the new problem does not simply lie in these actual things anymore; the issue is embodying and adopting them in order to define yourself as a person, and to attract and attach others who are the ‘same’ – consequently creating social bonds which serve to amplify how driven we’ve become by drama.

The scariest factor is the thought of a generation so bored, lost, unimpressed and disillusioned that there is nothing else worth aspiring to, that there is no other worthwhile way to spend time, that self-esteem is so low the ability to form relationships with a healthy ‘normal’ foundation, has vanished.

But all this is a little too sympathetic. Because rather than popping pills for our latest mental ‘defect’, why don’t we call it a difference, call it a day, concluding “I’m just being too dramatic”? Why do we instead make such a fuss? The answer is, we WANT the drama! We crave it. We want, we need, to be fucked up. We feel special that way. We feel more interesting.

We could claim, somewhere in between too many pills and watching Twilight show us love is being saved from near death experiences, we have subconsciously learned to associate drama with happiness. We could say, I suppose you can’t really blame us when the people responsible for us were too preoccupied being their own version of fucked up.

We could say, lets just stop being so fucking dramatic
and get over ourselves.

Rina B

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  1. Meg says:

    Oh, how true this is. I am one of those 22 year-old, disillusioned, dramatic types and feel like I’ve just had an arse-whooping back to reality. I love it!