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The Romantics – Fenton On Coleridge at the Bath Literature Festival

Sophie Pollard reports back on James Fenton’s exploration of Coleridge at the Bath Lit Festival

Addictive TV pick their favourite VJs

Addictive TV give us the straight scoop on the best VJs out there right now. You heard it here first.

Bath Literature Festival: Edward St Aubyn

Richard Allday reports on booker nominated author Edward St Aubyn’s appearance at the Bath Literature Festival


Can intelligent dance music exist? Oly Wood discusses the genre’s canny ability to absorb the shock of change and where it might be headed next.


A short story in which two friends fall out. It’s a bit like Salinger writing for Sex and the City. Well, sort of.

The Straight Dope

Richard Allday casts a cynical eye over this week’s Horizon on BBC 2, provocatively entitled ‘is alcohol worse for you than ecstasy?’ only to find he doesn’t very much care either way.


Cometh the man, cometh the hour. Back by popular demand, TTI is proud to present the return of perpetually irate columnist Chad Fanstor. Some say he’s ill informed, but we think he’s just a little angry. If nothing else, his work is more challenging and provocative than a clarion cry of “get yer tits out for the lads!” — this week he casts a cynical eye over the wonderful world of burlesque.