The Panacea: '5 tunes you should have heard but probably haven't'

The Panacea, aka Mathew Mootz, styles himself ‘the digital version of Napalm Death’. It’s an apt description for his own brand of mashed up Drum and Bass, which he releases through his record label Position Chrome. You may be surprised to discover he used to be a choir boy, or perhaps that helps to explain his music… below are his ‘5 tunes you should have heard but probably haven’t’.

Underground Resistance – Amazon (Underground Resistance)
For me this pretty much defines Detroit techno. It’s not too ravey, yet not too laid-back – in short a total anthem. I could run this on loop in my car and never remove the CD, and, as a matter-of-fact, that’s exactly what I did! To purchase go to and for info check out TTI’s own interview with the legends here.

Sorcerer – Summer (Hellrazor Records)
This came out in ’93 and I was like WTF. It runs at approx. 180 bpm which was already a pretty hefty statement back then. However, 3 minutes in the producers of this gem go through what sounds like the every ravesignal known to mankind and put everything through the distortion pedal. Needless to say the speed doubles up after 20 seconds…

Thomas Tallis – Spem In Alium (Gimell)
I’m a trained opera singer (I sang in one of Germany’s best boys choirs, Windsbacher Knabenchor, for 7 years) and still love classical music very much. Thomas Tallis, an English composer that lived from 1505 to 1585 wrote this 40-voice (yes forty, better believe it!!!!) motet for the 40th birthday of Queen Elizabeth I. I favour the mid 80’s recording by the Tallis Scholars which is outstanding. For more info and to buy a copy go to

SunnO))) – It Took the Night To Believe (Southern)
SunnO))) make the darkest music ever. Period. That’s why they inspire me so much. This is so dark it makes me laugh. Go and see them live, it’s supposed to be amazing, unfortunately I’ve never had the chance. In this track you can hear the voice of a guy that they locked up in a coffin in the studio. Forget the ridiculous Norwegian black metal with their flimsy synths and shitty mixdowns, this is the real deal!! Sunno’s website

Scanner – Scanner (Ash International)

The first work of Robin Rimbaud and certainly his best. This CD features nothing but odd noises and conversations he recorded using his scanner. It’s not really ambient and it certainly is no audio book – more like some sort aural manifesto of human weirdness. The CD is very rare and hard-to-find, I swapped my copy for a bunch of old panacea CDs, lucky me! Purchase (it’s been re-released) and more info:

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  1. Jacobo says:

    Man this selection of song is really great!!
    Since I saw him live, I’m a big Panacea fan!!!
    and as I can see he has some really great taste in music!!!

    You should come to Mexico Again!!!
    Or I’ll have to go to germany!!