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Artspace / Lifespace

Ed Williams goes behind the scenes at the Pro Cathedral, the latest venture by Bristol based art collective Artspace / Lifespace, a self-styled group of ‘creative recyclists’ whose mission is to bring contemporary art and performance to transitory spaces as the city’s regeneration continues.

The Quarter Life Crisis

“When you start to realise that you’re too old to get in the England football team, when novelists appear who are younger than you, when it turns out that actresses you’ve vigorously tossed off over in your lonely bed could get you in trouble with the law if your dreams became reality, you’re inevitably going to feel like you’ve missed the boat.” Quite.

30,000 Days

Crisis? What Crisis? J Capeling asks what happens when we turn twenty five… and start to look back.


Shakespeare’s Othello — a tale of greed, lust, bitterness and jealousy. But what if the story was told from the perspective of one of the peripheral characters? Bianca is a girl who’s recklessly used and then thrown away, forgotten. This is her monologue. We happen to think it’s one of the most challenging, thought-provoking and inventive pieces of fiction we’ve seen in some time. Take a deep breath, dust down that copy of Othello you have’t touched since A level, and read on…

The Eversame

A day in the life of…? You decide. Michael Powell delivers a short story that’s anything but 9 to 5.

TTI speaks to Ian Pearson, Futurologist

Set the controls for 2050 and take firm hold of your crystal balls as TTI fast forwards into the future with BT Futurologist Ian Pearson. TTI’s editor swears by the I Ching, but apparently there’s a far more scientific approach…

Cracking Cheese, Gromit!

Apocalypse? What apocalypse? Looking into the future, Lucy Langdon considers the terrifying possibility that Wallace and Gromit might represent our last, best hope to save the planet. How? Read on…

The Gin Riots

Indie rock n roll with Hogarthian influences storming the streets from Shoreditch to Peckham? Yes please. Jimmy Tidey catches up with The Gin Riots just before their next appearance at MySpace’s unsigned heroes concert. Anyone who’s seen TTI’s languishing MySpace presence knows we don’t think much of the Evil Empire, but The Gin Riots, we like. Lots.

What Price Art?

In the first part of a series on culture’s co-option of street art, Hayley Thatcher opens the debate with her take on the Banksy phenomenon. Cynical cash in or art for the masses? Let us know what you think, and look out for more debate coming soon.

David Lynch at the BFI London Film Festival

David Lynch. Ugly, Weird. Confusing. But he certainly knows how to make a good film. Ben Corbett attended his suitably strange appearance at this years BFI film festival to try and decipher a little more about this cryptic man.