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Sonar or Later

Everyone has been to a festival this year. If you haven’t grappled with a chemical toilet, on acid and with welly boots full of mud, then you’ve wasted your summer. the thing is… reviews two of less mentioned festivals, neither of which involve camping in a puddle or taking out a mortgage to cover the burger bill.


Chemnitz – a short story by Aris Roussinos

The Informatics of Blogging

Ever worried that the internet is going to turn humanity in to one enormous organism, disposing of superfluous humans as a body sheds dead skin? Or that the government is using the internet to gather data which will allow them to predict what you are going to have for breakfast? Jimmy Tidey has.


Rose Awakens – A short story by Richard Allday

Latitude Festival 2007

“We had two bags of grass, seventy two pellets of mescaline, five sheets of highly powered blotter acid…” not a sentence oft uttered at the very genteel Latitude Festival, according to this review by Richard Allday.

Only Fools and Horses

With Regretamine use now so widespread that even Grannies in deepest Kent know what it is, Mudbone reassesses the merits of the white stuff. Harmless fun for munters or retard powder for rank outsiders who need to take off their blinkers? Or is it just horses for courses? (Sorry, we couldn’t resist…)

Money + Bordom + Excess = Epiphany – A Formulaic Novel?

Richard Allday considers the literary ramifications of periodic cycles of conspicuous consumption. Figure that one out.

5 Tunes You Should Have Heard – Max Tundra

Domino Records’ Max Tundra offers us the first sweets in his current box of musical confectionery.

TTI Comment

Dubstep: The New Black

Chad Fanstor surveys the music of South London from an ivory tower. And then invites it round to his dinner party as a novelty guest.

Fear and Lather in a West London Car Wash

According to our Perversion Correspondent, Vermillion Sproul, a novel act of personal degradation is gaining popularity in the carwashes of the capital. By offering him a large amount of money (exactly equivalent to the amount he owes his sister) we persuaded him to investigate in person. We’ve not seen him since, but we found this copy wrapped around a brick in the back of his abandoned car.