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Nothing's Shocking

You know how when your girlfriend goes shopping and you rifle through her knicker drawer and strut about in a pair of her best panties? Well, you’re not alone. Kate Anderson delivers a probing interview with a fetish model.

The Party’s Over

Chad Fanstor moans about the clientele of Bristol’s (in)famous Black Swan.

You Need A Relationship

Don’t die of a broken heart. Richard Allday takes a look at singledom – and how to get out of it.

You Don't Need a Relationship

Sick of seeing your friends all looking happier than you? Does a little part of you die every time two friends find love? Are you going to end up the most bitter, twisted, lonely old fart in the old folks’ home? Sophie Sturdy reminds you why you don’t need a relationship.

Scene From A Typical House Party

TTI wires in with another front-line despatch about booze, drugs, women and music. Well, it’s better than being sent to Basra, isn’t it?

The Auto-erotic Politics of Dissent

An anonymous activist bemoans the psychological onanism that is protest for many people – does it change anything, or is it just wanking off into a hat?

And I Slept Through The Whole Number

MGD Smith delivers a powerfully hallucinogenic short story.


Leave a typewriter lying around and this happens…